MIPAI’s goals are:
  • UN’s recognition of “Light-Us” as the official symbol of all the Conference of the Parties (COP) and sustainable development.
  • Mobilize youth around green entrepreneurship.
1 Vision

Create a synergy between the Mediterranean’s youth that work for the environment and sustainable development.

5 Values
  • Co-construction
  • Innovation
  • Commitment
  • Responsibility
  • Efficiency
1 Goal

Establish an ecosystem encouraging actions in favor of climate change, the environment, energetic transition and, sustainable development in general.

8 fields of activity
  • Circular Economy and Blue Economy
  • Sustainable Mobility and smart grid
  • Research and development/ Innovation
  • Renewable Energy and Energetic Efficiency
  • Sustainable agriculture
  • Water
  • Education
  • Waste treatment
4 Network development axis:
  • International Governmental Organizations (UPM, PNUD, ONU, UNESCO)
  • National and Regional organizations (ORU FOGAR, R20, Regions, Ministries)
  • National and International NGOs
  • Academic Organizations (Universities, Research Centers)
3 Operating Modes:
  • MIPAI Association
  • MIPAI-GEO (Green Expert Office)
  • Young Climate Fund (YCF)