The Light Us Project

Light Us is the first project carried out by MIPAI. Just like the Olympics’ Flame, Light Us makes the transition between each COP’s organizing country.

In 2016, the first handover between COP21 and COP22 was very successful.

24 people crossed France, Spain the Morocco on board of a dozen TESLA cars.

In 2017, for its second edition of the “Light Us Relay”, the MIPAI team, on board of 17 TESLA’s electric cars took the Light Us torch from Marrakech (COP22) to BONN (COP23).

In 2018, for the COP24, MIPAI and MYCN want to innovate! In fact, sustainable mobility isn’t limited to electric cars. We have decided for this 3rd edition, to make the journey by public transportation, parallel to the electric cars relay, allowing nearly 50 youngsters that are committed to climate to cross over 5000 Km and show the world that it’s possible to travel long distances by taking public transportation while paying attention to their carbon footprint.