The institute will be structured around an experts’ office and will have modern and innovative tools that will help it carry out its missions.

The MIPAI organization is divided into three complementary entities:

  • The MIPAI association
  • MIPAI-GEO (Green Expert Office)
  • Young Climate Fund (YCF)


The MIPAI Foundation includes active and passive members working around 4 poles on sustainable development linked subjects:

  • Arts and Culture of both the Mediterranean’s shores;
  • Health and Sports by raising awareness and mobilizing health issues, as well as promoting good sports practices and soft mobility;
  • International solidarity through human and financial support of initiatives taken by NGOs and associations for a peaceful and sustainable world;
  • Research and census of NGOs and green Start Ups in the Mediterranean basin.

MIPAI – GEO (Green Expert Office)

  • “GEO” is an experts and advice’s office specialized in the fields of environment and sustainable development, fauna-flora, sustainable urban planning and energy
  • “GEO” will be composed of multidisciplinary experts working in various fields related to the environment (Water, ecology, energy, transportations, waste…)
  • “GEO” will be the bridge between the foundation and the project leader. It will accompany the “startupper” until the establishment of the project.
  • “GEO” will take part in several seminars and events to present the various studies carried out.

Youth Climate Fund « YCF »

“YCF” is the name of the first green investment fund exclusively dedicated to young people’s project leaders from the Euro-Mediterranean area and targeting the environment and sustainable development.

It will be attached to the MIPAI institute and will have for a main objective, as a youth’s initiatives support tool, to attract private sector investors to search for responsible and ecological investments.

The initiative will mobilize private sector funds (investment funds, banks, national-regional-local organizations, foundations…) to finance the transition to a green economy by directing capital flow to:

  • The establishment of efficient, sustainable and low-carbon infrastructure projects;
  • The implementation of productive infrastructures of clean energy;
  • Sustainable mobility Development…